Beginning Korean for Kids

Hands-on Korean Reading, writing and Speaking

Welcome to Korean Language Class

- a free course designed to help you finally start teaching your child Korean at home. This is made for you... especially if you’ve been discouraged and aren't sure where to begin.


우리 한국어 함께 배워요!

Let's learn Korean together!

Your Instructor

Jae Jun
Jae Jun


Hi I'm Jae

I'm a Montessori teacher and have taught Korean school for 5 years,

I created this class to bring together like-minded parents who want their children to learn about Korean culture and language. I 'm motivated to help other families, and hope we can share our successes and challenges and provide encouragement to each other.

My hope is for my kids and your kids to be conversational and read basic Korean so that they have the foundation to study it further if they wish when they grow up. But most importantly, I hope that they will have appreciation and connection to their heritage.

This course is closed for enrollment.